Training & Assessment System

Our training and assessment system, gives healthcare providers, medical schools and universities access to on demand simulation training, anytime, anywhere.

Learning at your finger tips

Learn and Practice Clinical Skills

Taking blood
Performing A - E
Patient history
Peak flow
X-Ray interpretation
Infection control
Administering medication
Assessing airways
innovation in healthcare training


Healthcare professionals and students can access simulation training covering a range of clinical specialties including, medicine, nursing, surgery and allied healthcare professions.


Track performance

You’ll get access to an evidence-based approach to tracking learner performance. This reduces the reliance on subjective training content appraisals with one that is supported with reliable and robust objective data.

Clinically validated

We provide faculty and learners with access to high-fidelity simulations that are effective and reflect the very best clinical practice, because all of our content is developed in collaboration with clinical experts.
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Research has shown that our high-fidelity simulations, improve confidence and competence of healthcare professionals and students.
increased confidence gained 
increase in procedural skills acquisition  

"Being able to access learning experiences that would otherwise be difficult to recreate, is a game changer". "We cannot wait to see this adopted across our services".

Training Lead  

"Goggleminds facilitated a trial of their experiences helping us to meet some of the demands of multidisciplinary working". "The experience they provided for us left a lasting impression on our team with many of them asking when the next session is taking place".

NHS Hospital Doctor

"It was wonderful to be able to practice skills in a safe environment". "The experience was really enjoyable and we also learnt a lot". "I am looking forward to more simulation-based learning".

NHS Respiratory Nurse
innovation in healthcare training

User-centred design

We place users at the centre of every design decision, ensuring our training simulations meet learners needs at every step of the educational experience.


What clinical scenarios do we cover?

We are continually adding to our library of clinical scenarios covering adults and paediatrics in specialities such as emergency medicine, nursing, surgery and general clinical skills. Examples of some of the simulations we offer within our system include emergencies related to asthma, sepsis, a blocked tracheostomy and many more.

Do you need a virtual reality headset to experience our simulations?

Our training and assessment system is accessible on virtual reality headsets for full immersion and desktop computers or laptops for scale. We also offer a fully managed service which means we’ll install, set up and manage your headsets, so you and your learners can enjoy our educational experiences right away.  

Can you roleplay interprofessional scenarios in our simulations?

Absolutely. Our simulations have been carefully crafted to ensure they offer the best learning experiences for solo and group learners. Given the importance of interprofessional teamwork in healthcare, we have integrated multiplayer features into all our simulations, enabling learners to connect and learn together, in different roles and in the same virtual environments.

Are simulations suitable for learners at varying levels of professional experience?

Yes. We understand that everyone has different learning needs and varying levels of professional experience. This is why learners are given the opportunity to ask for assistance in simulation when they need it. What’s more, we give managers access to objective performance data, enabling organisations to see how well learners are doing and when learners need more support.

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