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We use gamification and immersive technology to help healthcare professionals and students learn more effectively.

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The Benefits of Our Medical Simulations
Our medical simulations are evidence-based and help to support healthcare professionals and students to learn new skills and update their clinical competencies more effectively.
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"Being able to access learning experiences that would otherwise be difficult to recreate, is a game changer". "We cannot wait to see this adopted across our services".

Training Lead  

"Goggleminds facilitated a trial of their experiences helping us to meet some of the demands of multidisciplinary working". "The experience they provided for us left a lasting impression on our team with many of them asking when the next session is taking place".

NHS Hospital Doctor

"It was wonderful to be able to practice skills in a safe environment". "The experience was really enjoyable and we also learnt a lot". "I am looking forward to more simulation-based learning".

NHS Respiratory Nurse
Proud to work with
Backed by science

Evidence-based approach

Goggleminds uses the best in research and development practises to create solutions based on science. Our evidence-based solutions enable learners to practice and learn in realistic to life environments, which are engaging, repeatable and safe.
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How much do our simulations cost?

Price varies depending on your needs, but customers typically see costs savings, from increased efficiencies and improvements in productivity. Contact our team for a quote.

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I’ve never used VR before. Will it be difficult for me to participate in virtual medical simulations and games?

We carefully design virtual environments and interactions to ensure everybody can understand how to use them. Through extensive user testing we have successfully demonstrated that over 95% of people who tried VR for the first time, could easily navigate through medical simulations and games.

How do I know VR will work for my organisation?

We believe actions speak louder than words. We offer no obligation, sales free demonstrations of our simulations and games. We’ll answer any questions you have and provide you with all the required information to make an informed decision.

How quickly can we get set up?

We can normally set up a new organisation within 48 hours.


Our Resources

Curated articles and resources from experts in their fields.
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Research - 5 mins

Evidence Based Research and Development

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Research - 5 mins

Evidence Based Research and Development

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