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A training platform to help healthcare professionals and students practice and learn in virtual reality.
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Built for Healthcare

For Medical Schools

Students of medicine, nursing and other healthcare professions can easily access on demand simulation training to help them accelerate their route to clinical validation.

For Healthcare Providers

Healthcare professionals can practise and learn clinical skills solo or as part of an interprofessional group to help them gain and maintain clinical competence in a variety of specialities.

How it Works

Learning at your finger tips

Easy Access in VR or the Cloud

Learners can connect to our library of simulations using Virtual Reality headsets, desktop computers, laptops or tablets, from anywhere in the world.
innovation in healthcare training

Learn in the Mediverse

Diverse virtual patients that look, react and respond like real people.

Our community of diverse virtual patients enable learners to gain experience in treating a wide range of patient populations in virtual reality. This helps learners to become more skilled, competent and sensitive healthcare providers.

Learners can collaborate with peers.

Interprofessional clinical skills training is known to improve clinical skills, communication skills and team working. This is why our platform facilitates multiplayer, enabling learners to collaborate and learn together in real-time virtual clinical environments.

Our technology is rooted in the very best academic practise.

We work with world leading Universities to use science to validate our approach. This means that our technology and innovation developments are effective and rooted in the very best academic practise.⁠

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